Take Charge Negotiations Profile on ArbitralWomen!

Take Charge Negotiations Profile on ArbitralWomen!

This week, ArbitralWomen ran a profile on Take Charge Negotiations in their newsletter. What an honor!

ArbitralWomen is an international non-governmental organisation that brings together women international dispute resolution practitioners. The organization plays a significant role in promoting women in dispute resolution through events, social gatherings, mentoring and by sponsoring female law students in moot court competitions.

So I am very happy to share this fantastic news! With many thanks to Dana McGrath, ArbitralWomen President, and Mirèze Philpipe, co-founder of the organization, for their support and encouragement as I embark on this new venture.

As some of you know, last year I decided I was fed up with witnessing so many women lose opportunities because of a fear for negotiating. Or looking pushy for asking.

So I created Take Charge Negotiations to help women develop negotiation strategies, understand negotiation tactics, and have a place to practice their negotiation skills.

It is truly an honor to be featured by ArbitralWomen, an organization that has done so much to advance women in international arbitration (one of my other lives). ⠀⠀

I see the work that I do in Take Charge Negotiations as my great privilege and I am thankful for all of the kind words and support you keep sending. ⠀⠀

After working in law firms and in-house for almost twenty years, having this new space to be creative and supportive - and to have fun - is a gift. That I worked damn hard for. ⠀⠀


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