Summertime & Negotiation Skills

Summertime & Negotiation Skills

Many of you have probably spent a good deal of time making plans for summer (as have I). Whether beach or cityscape, family reunion or secluded getaway… summer is supposed to be fun.

Those of us who manage small people have the added summertime joy of finding suitable/mildly affordable/possibly enriching and fun camp experiences for these people.

I decided that it is unfair that the juniors get all the camp fun so I created one for grown-ups. And since grown-ups tend to have thousands of pre-existing commitments, summer camp will be conducted online so you can do it when your schedule permits.

This does mean that we will not have any camp-fire sing-alongs. But as I have had the karaoke microphone switched to OFF during more than one performance, no sing-alongs is a gift.

Starting July 12, I am hosting Mindful Negotiation Summer Camp: How to Focus & Thrive in Any Dialogue.

This class will show you how to apply mindful practices to negotiations, or any conversation that you might find challenging.

In order to have a positive experience in negotiation, one must be present for it. Distractions, extreme emotions, unconscious bias, and a lack of self-awareness often leave negotiators spent and stressed, with opportunities lost.

Over the course of four weeks this summer, we’ll explore a series of techniques on how to build mindful negotiation skills. The objective of the class is to create a toolbox for you to use in future negotiations, or other trying discussions, that keep you focused, grounded and freed from judgment (of others or yourself). By doing so, you will increase the positive feelings and experiences you derive from negotiation, while also fostering an environment more conducive to favorable outcomes.

Practicing Mindfulness: Positive Negotiation Techniques

Click here to download my new ebook, Practicing Mindfulness: Positive Negotiation Techniques. This is a ten-page guide with a series of exercises on how to marry this mindfulness concept into negotiation settings.

No, there is no yoga mat required here. Only an open mind and willingness to try something new. And in the spirit of the summer months, I promise it that our camp will be fun as well.

For more information on Mindful Negotiation Summer Camp: How to Focus & Thrive in Any Dialogue, please click here or send me an email.

I’m very excited about this and hope to see you on the list this summer.


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