Mindful Negotiation: Online Class Series

Mindful Negotiation: Online Class Series

First Installment Starts Next Week: Preparing for Negotiation with Confidence and Calm

October is National Women’s Small Business Month.

Did you know that women own 42% of businesses in the U.S. today? This figure has risen dramatically over the years - up from 4.6% in 1972!

These figures are particularly impressive for those businesses owned by women of color, who now account for 50% of female business owners.

Yet the 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report, published by American Express, shows that the revenue disparity between women-owned and all privately held business has gone up since 1997. Overall, women-owned businesses make 30 cents for every dollar made by businesses owned by men. (In 1997, we had achieved 37 cents on the dollar.).

Average earnings for all women-owned businesses in 2019 is $142,900, compared to $474,900 for privately held businesses. Earnings drop dramatically for businesses owned by women of color: $24,000 for African American women and $50,900 for Latina women, for example.

Due to the low levels of revenue generated by these businesses, many women are forced to return to the workforce, letting go of their dreams.

The reasons for these disparities are complex, ranging from discriminatory practices to the fact that women’s traditional roles as caretaker poses a risk to the time available for business pursuits.

In recognition of the challenges that many of us face, Take Charge Negotiations is launching a monthly training program to help hone your negotiation mindset and approach. The Mindful Negotiation Training Series will feature practical tips and advice for women to utilize in day to day negotiations with business partners, employees, freelancers, investors, vendors and everyone else you work with.

Here‘s the plan. This month, let’s start at the very beginning (because it’s a very good place to start!). The initial part of any negotiation is the planning part, which is so often neglected by tenured and novice negotiators alike.

Every negotiation has unique participants, objectives, interests and potential challenges. As such, every negotiation deserves your careful attention before you launch in.

I’ll show you how to do that with calm and clarity by leveraging mindfulness to your advantage.

In this one hour hour online training we will cover:

  • How to shift your perspective on negotiation, and appreciate it as opportunity, not drudgery

  • How to develop a negotiation plan for any opportunity that comes your way

The first training in this series comes out next week, on October 11. After that, a new class will be released every month on a different negotiation topic.

All classes in the series are offered at a discounted rate. For more information and to register today, click here.

One negotiation class is not going to shatter the glass ceiling. But together, I believe very strongly that we can help one another and effect positive changes with many rewarding ripple effects.

Thanks for reading.

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