Five Day Negotiation Strategy Challenge

Five Day Negotiation Strategy Challenge

Like many of us, I am familiar with five day juice cleanses, five day workout challenges, meditation challenges, write a book challenges... You name the health fad or good habit to cultivate, and there's a challenge for it.

I love this stuff.

These discreet introductions are almost always a fun way to try something new. It's how I started meditating, which has been as transformative as Headspace promised. And how I learned to bake various exotic treats.

Lawyers, however, don't seem to do challenges - not in professional contexts anyway. There's no five day discovery challenge. No five days to your best motion to dismiss. No five days to write the most remarkable contract of your life. (But there probably should be.)

So I decided to create a five day negotiation challenge after reading up on how these little experiments can actually be quite helpful and involve limited effort on behalf of busy people. Win, win.

What does my negotiation challenge involve? As with most, it's simple. It is an opportunity to re-think how you approach negotiation and plan for it. It is also hyper-focused on a positive approach to negotiation. From my perspective, there is a plethora of research and advice on what women do wrong when it comes to negotiation and I think that kind of messaging is not helpful. We negotiate all day, every day... But perhaps we're not labeling it as such. So when the Business Negotiation comes up, it can feel intimidating.

After signing up for my negotiation challenge, you will receive a series of very short emails from me - one every day for five days. Each email contains a link to a short webinar (five to ten minutes) in which I explain the assignment for that day. You also receive a worksheet that corresponds with each training, to help you complete the day's assignment.

I ran the first challenge in February and it was great fun. There were approximately 20 participants, all secured through Instagram marketing. The feedback that came back was that the training was "encouraging," "amusing," and "thoughtful."

So if you were not one of the original 20 students, sign up! Over the course of a few days, we'll review how to set goals and priorities, honor your strengths, confront your challenges and think like the person sitting across from you.

Like many things, negotiation is a process that can seem overwhelming. But breaking that process into smaller, more manageable pieces makes it less intimidating and can help you pave a clearer path towards your own negotiated success.

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