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Why is it so important to make a comprehensive plan before you enter into any negotiation?

​It is a great way to take the fear and unknown out of the process, hurdles that often hinder women’s success at the negotiation table.

​By familiarizing yourself with some key techniques for better understanding the dynamics of a negotiation, and getting clear on your priorities, you empower yourself and increase the likelihood of better outcomes.

​Our Negotiation Planning Guide is a road map that you can use to help you plan for your next negotiation in a thoughtful and strategic way.

​This 10-page guide will help you:

  • Clearly state your objectives

  • Understand what's important to you

  • Think from their perspective

  • Brainstorm solutions

Remember this: preparedness feeds confidence and success.  So take the unknown out of negotiations by creating a solid plan ahead of time.

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