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In an article for the American Psychological Association, Daphne M. Davis, PhD, and Jeffrey A. Hayes, PhD, defined “mindfulness” as a “moment-to-moment awareness of one's experience without judgment.” On a very basic level, it is the ability to live in the present, not worrying about what happened yesterday, or what might come up tomorrow. This is important because empirical studies have shown that mindfulness promotes stress reduction, focus, enhanced decision-making abilities and empathy for others – also key factors in successful negotiations.

Cultivating mindfulness, much like refining your negotiation skills, is a choice and not a trait that you receive at birth.  Mindfulness comes with a commitment to practice every day, and to recognize that slowing down and breathing are good things. The same is true in negotiation. To do it well, you need to practice and be thoughtful about how you do it.  Breathing is good here, too...


This ten-page guide takes you through a series of exercises to encourage you to approach challenging conversations mindfully.


This includes tips on staying focused and releasing the judgments you may have held about your adversary, yourself, and even the negotiation process itself.

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