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Mindful Negotiation Classes: How to Focus & Thrive in Any Dialogue


OCTOBER 11, 2019

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Imagine negotiating without fear, anger or distraction.

Negotiation is one of the most important skills that you can choose to cultivate.  It's not an art.  It's a conversation.  An opportunity. 

It's time to embrace mindfulness in negotiation.

In order to have a positive experience in negotiation, you need to be present for it.  This means active listening, releasing judgment (of others and yourself), and identifying strategies to keep you calm if the pressure goes up.


the practice of conferring with others to derive some benefit while staying present and focused

Check out our Free Resources for ideas on how to incorporate mindfulness into your negotiations.  From staying focused in the present moment to practicing non-judgment... Mindful Negotiation is a way to approach challenging conversations in a centered and confident manner.  And this, in turn, helps you create better solutions.

For more information on Mindful Negotiation,

click here for our blog post on the benefits of this practice.


OCTOBER 11, 2019

October's class will focus on how to approach negotiation with positivity and develop a solid communication plan.

Would you like more information? Or have a class suggestion?  Let us know!

At Take Charge Negotiations, we believe in mindful negotiation and the power in a positive approach to challenging discussions.

Whether it's your annual review, a job interview, or a contract with business partners, clients, agencies... All of these conversations present unique opportunities for you.

That's why it is crucial to stay grounded, optimistic, and empowered - even when you feel like you're operating from a disadvantage.

And this is where Take Charge Negotiations comes in - our programs show you how to approach any dialogue that feels intimidating with a plan that focuses on your strengths.  

A positive approach to negotiation helps you create more productive discussions and better outcomes.

For more on mindful negotiation, read our eBook, Practicing Mindfulness: Positive Negotiation Techniques, a ten-page guide with a series of exercises on how to remain present, calm and focused in any trying discussion.

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