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Mindfulness in Negotiations

The way we approach decisions and address problems is similar to a journey. With each, there are many ways you can choose to go. The choices you make will likely impact your experience - whether the path before you is rough or smooth, exposed or shaded, filled with peaks and valleys or a straight shot. . .


In making the choices that will create your best path forward, you need a guidepost to make sure you are headed in the right direction and to keep you on that path. A compass.


That is why we are here.


Pillars of Compass 

Learning and Analysis

The goal of Compass is to support Members in problem solving and decision making utilizing tools from mindfulness and positivity. We do this by educating members about the theories that underlie these practices, providing practical tips on what this means in your daily life, and a space to discuss all of this within the Compass community via our Slack channel.

Let's face it... Very few people learn to negotiate with ease after reading a book. Or taking a class. It's a process. It takes time and a commitment to stepping outside your comfort zone.

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