Take Charge Negotiations Accelerator

This is not your average negotiation class. 

It's not about what you've been doing wrong. It's not about you needing to change. 

Our Accelerator was created to help female leaders take charge of emotions,

remain focused on priorities, and undistracted by the nonsense that is often thrown in our way.

Here, mindfulness is key for our success at any negotiation table.

Starting January 24, 2022

The past two years have wreaked havoc on many women's lives.  We are constantly torn in countless directions - managing a family, supporting our communities, trying to stay safe and healthy. 


Meanwhile, we must also somehow continue to advance in our professional endeavors - whether that is climbing the corporate ladder or  growing a business.


Negotiation plays a pivotal role in our success.   The Take Charge Negotiations Accelerator shows you how to develop mindfulness practices in your daily life and at the negotiation table to help you avoid burnout, remain focused, and clear on your priorities.  


By dedicating a few minutes each day to slowing down, quieting your mind, and observing your thoughts and emotions, you will begin to experience the benefits that mindfulness practices can bring to your day and to all of the negotiations you experience. 


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