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Take Charge Negotiations

was founded to reinforce for women that we are already highly skilled negotiators - despite all the conditioning otherwise.

Take Charge Negotiations provides group training and individual consultations on how to embrace negotiation as creative discussions.

Our group trainings are designed to make negotiation easily accessible to busy people. And they're fun so you won't spend your time hiding behind your phone, yearning for Instrgram instead.  Promise.

Individual consultations are also available to help coach you through particularly challenging negotiations, or to work through your discomfort with negotiation.  We have a few slots open each month for individual consults with our Founder, Erin Gleason (more on Erin below).

For additional tools to support you in negotiation, see our Free Resources

I'm Erin Gleason.  I'm a mediator and arbitrator, based in New York, and Founder of Take Charge Negotiations. 

My entire legal career - almost 20 years now - has been devoted to promoting fairness and efficiency in dispute resolution.  I’ve trained over 1,000 people on negotiation techniques and strategies at seminars and conferences around the world.  And I've written a number of articles on the topic, as well as chairing committees to explore these issues. 

In 2018, I founded Take Charge Negotiations, LLC.

This company was created because I’ve heard too many stories from my girlfriends, female clients and co-workers about how they are nervous about asking for things they’re clearly entitled to in business negotiations.  It doesn't have to be this way. 


Negotiations shouldn't be about avoidance, surrendering, or tricking yourself into thinking you're magnanimous for giving up on what you deserve.

I hear you.  And I'd love to help.  

I have worked in NYC law firms and served as Global Head of Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs for a Fortune 100 company. I also worked as an adjunct professor of law at my alma mater, the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law - which is consistently rated as the #1 conflict resolution school in the world. 

More details on my credentials here and on my LinkedIn bio.

That's me, before delivering comments at the United Nations in March 2019. My son came to support mom.