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Compass by Take Charge Negotiations

At Take Charge Negotiations, we created an innovative membership community to help you hone your negotiation skills.  Compass is a place to share ideas, insights, and engaging conversation on effective problem solving and practical decision making strategies using mindfulness.

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Take Charge Negotiations was founded by Erin Gleason Alvarez, an internationally renowned mediator and award-winning author who has taught negotiation to thousands of people across the globe.

Erin is a sought-after speaker on topics relating to the intersection between mediation, negotiation, and mindfulness and has presented before the United Nations, bar associations across the United States and Europe,  and women's organizations including HeyMama, The Wing and Luminary.  A lawyer for over 20 years, Erin has devoted her career to dispute resolution.

Take Charge Negotiations began as a small, enthusiastic group who wanted a place to talk about how women's negotiation skills are often overlooked and undervalued. Today, our forum is full of diverse topics and engaging conversations covering all aspects of negotiation, regardless of gender identity. Get involved today to learn, share, connect and collaborate with our community.

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