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We believe in Mindful Negotiation™

The way we approach decisions and address problems is similar to a journey. With each, there are many ways you can choose to go. The choices you make will likely impact your experience - whether the path before you is rough or smooth, exposed or shaded, filled with peaks and valleys or a straight shot. . .

In making the choices that will create your best path forward, you need a guidepost to make sure you are headed in the right direction and to keep you on that path. A compass.

That is why we are here.


Our Services

Since our founding in 2019, we've trained over 1,000 people on Mindful Negotiation™.

Mindfulness is a crucial negotiation skill because it allows you to remain focused on the conversation and open to solutions, all while proceeding without the judgments we often carry - about ourselves, others, and even the negotiation process.

Compass by Take Charge Negotiations®™  was created to teach you about mindfulness techniques, negotiation strategies, and how to marry these concepts for improved negotiation experiences and outcomes.

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Eight Week Program for Corporations & Law Firms

Mindful Negotiation™

Leveraging mindfulness in the context of negotiations is a dynamic process. It's more than reading a book, or taking another class. It's a journey.

To help guide people along their paths, we explore such topics as visualization, listening, power, judgment, empathy, and how to walk away in classes and group coaching sessions.


Mindfulness, Positivity & Negotiation

Erin Gleason Alvarez, Founder & CEO of Take Charge Negotiations, speaks regularly on the importance of mindfulness in negotiation - particularly for women.  She was recently a featured speaker at the Female Founder Collective annual gathering, and has presented before bar associations and think tanks across North America and Europe.

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Strategy Session

Negotiation Planning

Individual coaching is an ideal way to prepare for negotiation.  In two hours, our Founder & CEO will take you through our comprehensive negotiation planning strategy so you are ready for any negotiation.

Compass Community


We created an innovative membership community to help you hone your negotiation skills - a place to share ideas, insights, and engaging conversation on effective problem solving and practical decision making strategies using mindfulness.

Our private community is closed at present, with plans to re-open in September 2021.  Click below if you' like to join the waitlist.

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Our Story

Take Charge Negotiations® was founded by Erin Gleason Alvarez, an internationally renowned mediator and award-winning author who has taught negotiation to thousands of people across the globe.

Erin is a sought-after speaker on topics relating to the intersection between mediation, negotiation, and mindfulness and has presented before the United Nations, bar associations across the United States and Europe,  and women's organizations including HeyMama, The Wing and Luminary.  A lawyer for over 20 years, Erin has devoted her career to dispute resolution.

Take Charge Negotiations began as a small, enthusiastic group who wanted a place to talk about how women's negotiation skills are often overlooked and undervalued. Today, our forum is full of diverse topics and engaging conversations covering all aspects of negotiation, regardless of gender identity. Get involved today to learn, share, connect and collaborate with our community.

Take Charge Negotiations

Upcoming Events

  • Jul 14, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
    Webinar details to follow.
    Please join Erin for her insights on how to approach compensation negotiations and discussions. She will cover not only negotiating with respect to your own compensation, but also negotiating for your Legal team’s compensation and budget.

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